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Daniella Arteaga Vallarino

Remarkable self-taught painter, born in Miami-FL of Panamanian origin. Since a little girl, she has enjoyed the plastic arts, distinguishing herself in painting. She received great influence from her grandmother, Mrs. Maria Ester Arias de Vallarino, who recognizes her as her guide in art.

At the age of eleven, she entered the wonderful world of art, with the teaching of drawing and painting under the guidance of the famous Panamanian painter, Antonio Madrid, who encouraged her to take classes later. in the Club Unión de Panamá and later at the school of Bellas Artes Ganexa with the renowned painter and teacher Ricaurte Martinez.

She is currently receiving private painting lessons from the Colombian master and painter Alberto Granja. Daniella uses in her works the technique of acrylic and oil. It works very well with the texture dominating the spatula in all its dimensions. In his work the hegemony of light and color is appreciated, mainly in varied themes of horses and fruits.

His style is figurative expressionist, and goes through the movement of "magical realism" with the use of imaginative colors, creating scenes that give a mystical touch to his work. His artistic trajectory has been influenced, as with all great creators, by renowned Panamanian and international painters such as Antonio Madrid, Alfredo Sinclair and Olga Sinclair from Panama, Armando Morales (Nicaragua), Arturo Montoto (Cuba), Al Sprague (Panamanian / American ), Guy Harvey (United States), Evelyn Valdirio (Venezuela) and Alberto Granja (Colombia), his current mentor and teacher.

This exceptional artist has a lot to offer us, without a doubt. Her remarkable and recognized entry into the world of art, her perseverance, and her surpassing style make us expect a lot from her. His pictorial technique makes us understand that many triumphs await him.








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