Sara Ashrafi


Sara Ashrafi, an accomplished painter and senior research associate at Harvard University, was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1981; she currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland.

Her passion for the visual arts ignited at an early age, and despite being primarily self-taught, she engaged in professional development workshops at the age of 13. By 19, she was already contributing as a Cartoonist for renowned Iranian magazines.

Notably, Sara received the Gala Art for Harvard University award in 2019 and has illustrated a book for Emory University, soon to be published by MIT.

Her painting titled "Inner Child" holds a place of honour in the Tehran Contemporary Art Museum's treasure.

Invited to prestigious symposiums and exhibitions across the globe, including Tehran, Iran, Italy, Bratislava, Denmark, France, Slovakia, Sirilanahka, Hudson, New York, Switzerland, Armenia, Sara's works grace public and private collections in both Iran and Europe.

In her artist statement, Sara expresses her “intent to capture and convey the emotional essence she perceives in her subjects”. Utilising acrylic for its vibrant colours and creamy texture, she focuses on depicting ordinary life and social issues. Each painting aims to encapsulate a memorable moment within the recesses of the mind, often imbued with a sense of longing.

Her expressionist style, marked by textured brushstrokes, guides the viewer's focus while leaving room for individual interpretation and dreams.